Video Conferencing Managed Services
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Video Conferencing Managed Services


Every video capable device requires a way to be able to talk to other devices. Video conferencing managed services are the enabler that allows your device to connect to other devices.

The RTS solution differs from the traditional in-house solutions which require high starting costs and require expensive specialist staff to maintain.

RTS Video Conferencing Managed Services are cloud based, meaning we take all the technical headaches, leaving you with exceptional business quality video at an affordable price.

Why video conferencing?

Because video conferencing allows you to communicate face to face, securely, in high definition, wherever you are, making your company agile, mobile, collaborative and productive.

Build closer relationships

More face to face contact is a means of building closer business and consumer relationships. Using video is the best approach to improve communications both inside and outside your organisation.

Boost profitability & teamwork

With collaborative video communications, things simply happen faster, reducing time to market and maximising every meeting. The internal benefits of video conferencing enhance performance and competitiveness and allow companies to adapt quickly to change.

Improve that work and life balance

The flexibility to work from home, remotely, or on the move means greater wellbeing and a happier, more productive workforce. In turn, improving your ability to retain and attract new generations of workers who are used to collaborative technologies.

Drive business growth

Using video minimises the need for local and international travel, saving both time and money, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. Our services are offered at market beating rates, delivering an immediate and measurable return on investment.


What do RTS offer for Video Conferencing Managed Services?

Multi-seat Secure Meeting Rooms

Whether you need to attend a monthly meeting, or want an impromptu discussion with a client – our virtual meeting rooms are there at the click of a button. A concierge service can be provided at your request.


With our video conferencing managed services we can connect you to anyone, inside or outside of your business, as long as they are using a standards based video device (that’s almost all of them by the way).

Unlimited Usage

We believe you shouldn’t be punished for the amount of times you use video. All of our packages are unlimited, meaning one predictable monthly cost with no hidden charges.


Your day is busy enough without having to worry about whether your video service is booked or not. One of the most important aspects of communicating is the spontaneous nature of it. That’s why RTS don’t require you to book you calls – just click and go.


RTS won’t just leave you on your own with your new video service. RTS have got your back and we provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support.

Real-time Activity Reporting

We monitor the quality and quantity of video calls through our network in real-time, helping you get the most from your video investments, and helping us ensure you enjoy constant high definition video quality. If there are any unexpected call quality problems, we’ll know straight away, and we’ll work with you to resolve any issues, delivering the highest standard of customer support possible.

Document Sharing

The ability to share documents on screen is a must have for effective collaboration. This service comes as standard in all packages.

HD Quality  24 – 7

Your business might have the highest quality video equipment, but without the proper means to connect your device, you will be stuck with a less than perfect solution. The RTS service grants you High Definition quality calls available to whenever you need them.

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