Televic D-Cerno Discussion System chosen by RTS
0207 735 2020

Televic D-Cerno Discussion System chosen by RTS

RTS have recently invested in a pair of Televic D-Cerno digital discussion systems. One system will go into hire stock with immediate effect and a second is for installation for an upcoming event.

Rory Horan, Senior Audio Engineer at RTS, evaluated the units and said “The Televic D-Cerno system is a great addition to the ever growing and cutting edge stock that RTS holds. It won out over similar systems supplied by other manufacturers because of its many features.”

Televic D-Cerno

Televic D-Cerno digital technology

D-Cerno is the first product on the market based on digital conference technology. The technology inside D-Cerno is based on the same principles as the technology incorporated in Televic’s flagship products of the top range.

Its ability to record a day’s conferencing onto a standard memory stick in the most versatile of formats, MP3, is invaluable. The system can also be controlled via a simple iPad app.

Fanless operation

The central unit has no fan, so it is absolutely silent and can be placed in the room and near the chairman or delegates without any concern for fan noise.

D-Cerno Shielded microphone

Televic offers the best shielding of microphones in the market today, making its products immune to interference from mobile phones. The Televic shielding technology has been incorporated also in the D-Cerno product.

Fail-safe redundancy (Patent Pending)

D-Cerno can be cabled both in branch (daisy-chain) or in loop. When cabled in loop, a patent pending redundancy mechanism guarantees that the system continues to work, should a cable break or be disconnected for some reason.

Touch sensor button technology

D-Cerno makes use of the most recent touch sensor button technology offering the following benefits:

  • Hygienic and easy to clean: there are no gaps around the buttons where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.
  • No moving parts: no wear of the button, offering equal performance over the entire life of the product.
  • No clicking sound when activating or deactivating the microphone.

D-Cerno Brochure (EN) [606 KB]

D-Cerno Product Catalogue [2.4 MB]

Technical Specification D-Cerno [269 KB]

RTS is an authorised Televic reseller and installer, call RTS now on 0844 800 6440 to arrange a demo or to check availability for hire.


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