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RTS is a provider of audio visual services, equipment and support to public and private sector organisations, and is pleased to announce it has been selected for inclusion in the G-Cloud 4 Framework.

What is G-Cloud 4?

G-Cloud is a specialist supplier framework operated by the UK Government which provides access to commodity, cloud-based services. The Digital Services framework will allow government customers to commission bespoke digital services via Government Digital Service and the Government Procurement Service (GDS/GPS).

As a G-Cloud 4 supplier under the G-Cloud 4 Framework, RTS video conferencing solutions are immediately available for the Public Sector to procure in the CloudStore online catalogue under the Specialist Cloud Services (SCS) Lot 4. These solutions include:

  • Video Conferencing – Single Screen Solution
  • Video Conferencing – Dual Screen Solution
  • Video Conferencing – Endpoint Services
  • Video Conferencing – PC Client Software
  • Video Conferencing – Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR’s)

In all, CloudStore features more than 13,000 services. Cumulative sales from CloudStore broke the £50million barrier in September 2013, with 58% of total spend of £53 million having gone to SMEs, according to the government sources.

Many of the events that RTS is responsible for are seen live on TV news channels daily. From a high profile government press conference to a live broadcast and web streamed public inquiry such as The Leveson Inquiry.

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Managed Video Services


Every video capable device requires a way to be able to talk to other devices. Video conferencing managed services are the enabler that allows your device to connect to other devices.

The RTS solution differs from the traditional in-house solutions which require high starting costs and require expensive specialist staff to maintain.

RTS Video Conferencing Managed Services are cloud based, meaning we take all the technical headaches, leaving you with exceptional business quality video at an affordable price.

Why video conferencing?

Because video conferencing allows you to communicate face to face, securely, in high definition, wherever you are, making your company agile, mobile, collaborative and productive.

Build closer relationships

More face to face contact is a means of building closer business and consumer relationships. Using video is the best approach to improve communications both inside and outside your organisation.

Boost profitability & teamwork

With collaborative video communications, things simply happen faster, reducing time to market and maximising every meeting. The internal benefits of video conferencing enhance performance and competitiveness and allow companies to adapt quickly to change.

Improve that work and life balance

The flexibility to work from home, remotely, or on the move means greater wellbeing and a happier, more productive workforce. In turn, improving your ability to retain and attract new generations of workers who are used to collaborative technologies.

Drive business growth

Using video minimises the need for local and international travel, saving both time and money, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. Our services are offered at market beating rates, delivering an immediate and measurable return on investment.


What do RTS offer for Video Conferencing Managed Services?

Multi-seat Secure Meeting Rooms

Whether you need to attend a monthly meeting, or want an impromptu discussion with a client – our virtual meeting rooms are there at the click of a button. A concierge service can be provided at your request.


With our video conferencing managed services we can connect you to anyone, inside or outside of your business, as long as they are using a standards based video device (that’s almost all of them by the way).

Unlimited Usage

We believe you shouldn’t be punished for the amount of times you use video. All of our packages are unlimited, meaning one predictable monthly cost with no hidden charges.


Your day is busy enough without having to worry about whether your video service is booked or not. One of the most important aspects of communicating is the spontaneous nature of it. That’s why RTS don’t require you to book you calls – just click and go.


RTS won’t just leave you on your own with your new video service. RTS have got your back and we provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support.

Real-time Activity Reporting

We monitor the quality and quantity of video calls through our network in real-time, helping you get the most from your video investments, and helping us ensure you enjoy constant high definition video quality. If there are any unexpected call quality problems, we’ll know straight away, and we’ll work with you to resolve any issues, delivering the highest standard of customer support possible.

Document Sharing

The ability to share documents on screen is a must have for effective collaboration. This service comes as standard in all packages.

HD Quality  24 – 7

Your business might have the highest quality video equipment, but without the proper means to connect your device, you will be stuck with a less than perfect solution. The RTS service grants you High Definition quality calls available to whenever you need them.

Managed Services Data Sheets

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Azule Logo

RTS now offer AV equipment leasing options through our partner Azule Finance who are experts in providing leasing solutions to the audio visual, lighting, sound and broadcast industries.

The team at Azule boast many years of experience and are the authorised finance partners for Sony, JVC, d&b Audiotechnik, Martin Professional and Canon. Azule provide bespoke finance packages catering for a range of clientele.

Why AV equipment leasing?

Making the right choice is crucial – but fraught with complexity, especially as technology changes so fast. If you are also faced with budgetary restraints, and public scrutiny, the process can be even harder.

Azule arrange finance for all the elements you need, including intangibles such as consultancy, training, maintenance and service agreements, and software as well as hardware.

Benefits of AV equipment leasing

  • No capital outlay – keep your working capital within the business
  • Ease of budgeting – fixed monthly payments
  • Maximise your tax allowances – lease rentals can be fully offset against corporation tax
  • Protect against technology obsolescence
  • Another line of credit – does not compromise existing credit facilities
  • Total solution funding – fund hardware, software and services under one agreement
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Closed Airport Check in

RTS were contacted by event organisers in London with an important keynote speaker stranded in the United States, unable to attend the conference due to the travel disruption caused by “SuperStorm Sandy”.

The storm brought gusts of more than 85mph and a record-breaking 13ft surge of seawater in Manhattan, submerging seven subway tunnels and many roads. All transatlantic flights have been cancelled causing travel chaos to thousands of passengers unable enter or leave the US.

RTS are a certified Polycom Solutions Advisor and hold extensive stock of Polycom video conferencing equipment which is readily available for clients and customers.

RTS engineers were immediately deployed with Polycom HDX 8000 video conferencing codecs to the central London venue. The systems were installed and tested and ready for the start of the conference.

The keynote speaker was able to deliver the planned address from the US – thanks to the quick thinking of event organisers who knew that video conferencing was the only option.

Expertise in video conferencing

RTS have been supplying and installing video conference solutions for corporate and public sector clients for many years and have an extensive range of hire and demo stock available.

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Polycom Logo

The Polycom® RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite is a first-of-its-kind, video collaboration software solution that brings contacts from all your presence-based applications into a global directory. It is an innovative extension of the Polycom RealPresence Platform designed for private and public cloud deployments. Available in enterprise and service provider editions, it helps enable universal access to enterprise-grade video collaboration to any business (B2B) or consumer (B2C) at the highest quality, reliability and security.

Polycom CloudAXIS demo

Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite lets you easily add anyone on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and other business video applications to your videoconferences from their browser. RealPresence CloudAXIS suite of software securely extends enterprise-grade video and content communications outside your firewall to truly create universal video collaboration.

  • Intuitive browser-based user interface
  • Global Directory supports Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and other UC application contacts
  • Drag and drop participants into a meeting
  • Automatically send meeting invites using IM or email
  • Share content with all participants

RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite delivers an intuitive web user interface that makes it easier for you to safely and securely connect with anyone outside your organization and firewall. As the host, you easily drag and drop all actively online participants into your videoconference from the collected presence information in your global directory.

Once you start the call, your invited participants receive a hyperlink in their chat window of their social or video application and, in one click, are immediately placed into your Polycom enterprise-grade video collaboration session through their browser.

RTS have the knowledge and experience in delivering and installing video conference solutions to corporate and public sector clients. RTS also have an extensive range of Polycom hire and demo stock.

Check out the video conferencing section on this website.

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Technology in The courtroom

RTS were approached by a leading London legal firm to assist with a litigation trial which required video conferencing facilities including setting up a remote site outside the UK to allow a person to participate remotely due to travel restrictions placed on the individual.

An experienced RTS team identified a suitable venue in the remote location where they installed a temporary video conference suite, complete with recording facilities, allowing video playback of the video conference sessions, should they be required in court in London.

Hardware included a Polycom HDX8000 video codec, solid state video recording and playback, external sound re-enforcement, external microphones and additional lighting to ensure the remote location could be seen and heard clearly by the London court room.

The trial lasted several weeks and without the technology, it is unlikely that the litigation could have proceeded at all.

Legal experience

RTS are experienced in supplying technical support for criminal and civil cases, inquests and public inquiries for over a decade and have been responsible for installing and operating equipment in some of the largest cases in the UK, most recently The Leveson Inquiry, where RTS designed, installed and operated all the Inquiry audio-visual equipment including providing television feeds to broadcasters and web streaming proceedings live on the Internet.

RTS have assisted many trials where travel restrictions have been an issue, including as far back as 2005 for the Roman Polanski v Vanity Fair libel trial where Mr Polanski testified via video-link from Paris due to the film director fearing arrest if travelling to the UK.

The evolving use of technology in criminal and civil law will increase over the coming years, which will assist in cutting costs, reducing court time, and help to make the whole judicial process more efficient.

Read our case studies on our work in the Legal Sector.

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Flight delay notice

Let’s face it travel is now very expensive, a return ticket from Leeds to London costs an arm and a leg even when it’s booked well in advance. For international travel flights are no better, though flights are getting cheaper all the time, the amount of wasted time travelling to the airport, checking in, waiting, being delayed, arriving late, hotel rooms and then doing all that again for the return leg soon adds up.

Travelling to meetings is expensive, tiring and a waste of time. Just adding up the amount of time your staff will be away from their core roles will cause you to look again at travelling to meetings over using video conferencing.

Face to face meetings are vital for business

Having said all that face to face meetings are vital for business, people like to see and speak to people. Email doesn’t cut it, phone calls are better, but you can’t see the person you’re dealing with. Which is why there’s still so much business travel.

Video conferencing will save you money

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that video conferencing will save you money. Let’s take a look at the costs you can dramatically reduce:

  • Travel – Mileage, train and flight tickets will plummet
  • Accommodation – Reduction in hotel bills and cheeky mini-bar costs
  • Food and drink – No travel, means no sandwich and coffee receipts
  • Lost hours – travel eats up time, less time travelling means your staff can be more efficient

Video conferencing – add to your bottom line

In these days of austerity every pound you save on things which don’t make a profit has to be good for your business. Face to face meetings will always be a vital part of doing business, but if all the preliminary meetings can be held using video conferencing then the vital ones where you just have to travel to seal the deal will be a much better pay-off.

RTS were approached by staff at Southwark Coroner’s office to provide, install and operate all audio visual and video conferencing solutions for the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest. Including all special measures (witness anonymity) for statements via video conferencing link.

RTS were responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the audiovisual and  information technology video and data infrastructure within the purpose built temporary court room and the integration onto the local networking infrastructure at the Surrey Oval in central London.

Installation and operation of a simultaneous interpretation infra-red system allowing the de Menezes family to hear the proceedings in their native language.

PTZ ceiling mounted cameras were installed into the courtroom allowing live video and audio to be streamed to the media overspill annexe located separately on the far side of the Surrey Oval over an IPTV video link.

Facial pixelation and blocking techniques were integrated into the video system, masking the identity of the witnesses from the public and press areas.

The inquest lasted approximately 14 weeks.

On completion of the Inquest, the Coroner’s staff said: “RTS Communications provided a professional service from start to finish, offering pro-active solutions to issues which were outside their original remit. Staff were always on hand and without their support, sometimes providing items at really short notice, the inquest would not have progressed as smoothly as it did.”

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RTS have provided audiovisual services to Amnesty International for its Annual Report event since 2006.

RTS have organised this event every year since 2006 at Amnesty International’s headquarters in London. RTS were asked to provide audio visual services and support for an embargoed press conference including backdrop, staging, visuals and a live web-stream of the event plus an audio only web stream for users with a restricted internet connection.

Audiovisual equipment and web streaming

RTS were responsible for the set up of press conference room, including staging and backdrop; installation of the sound system, speakers, microphones and roving radio microphones. The event was filmed and relayed to an overspill room via plasma screens.

RTS engineering team provided a live broadcast mix for Amnesty International as well as the live web stream. Feeds for the media were supplied and the event was lit for both domestic and foreign broadcasters.

In addition, RTS supplied additional lighting for TV interview rooms.

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RTS have a proven track record in delivering audio visual services and support to inquests and public inquiries as far back as 2004 with the Hutton Inquiry. RTS were approached to duplicate the services for the Inquest into the Death of Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed.

A team of engineers liaised closely with the Inquiry team and installed both the hardware and the infrastructure to support live video and audio from court 73 down to the press annexe at the RCJ, Royal Courts of Justice, allowing press and public to watch in real-time the events from the inquiry room. A bank of 50 inch plasma screens allowed video and electronic evidence as well as a live transcription feed to be viewed from the media annexe.

RTS engineers operated the equipment from an onsite control room, allowing remote control of live cameras as well as operating video conferencing equipment allowing witnesses to give evidence from around the world.

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