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Digital signage is a natural enhancement to an IP video system and ArtioSign, Exterity’s integrated solution makes it easy for any organisation to create and deliver impactful signage screens.


ArtioSign, Exterity’s set-top box solution, makes it easy for any organization to create and deliver digital signage screens. Designed for organizations that want to install multiple displays to enhance employee or customer experience, our system offers users a feature-rich, fully configurable digital signage application.

By integrating ArtioSign digital signage with an Exterity enterprise IP video system, you can combine TV and video with live news updates and messages to strengthen your overall communications strategy.

Use ArtioSign, Exterity’s Digital Signage solution to:

  • Communicate live news, video and tailored information simultaneously within signage screens
  • Reinforce corporate communications with branded, engaging messaging
  • Turn any connected display into a digital signage delivery point, from a stand-alone PC connected to a single flat screen monitor or an interconnected network of screens
  • Modify each screen or portion of the screen by time of day and by geographic and demographic factors
  • Create and edit screen designs and layouts at any time

Manage multiple branded messages from multiple locations

ArtioSign is a flexible digital signage system that allows for multi-user access, so you can assign editing control of specific screen areas to different teams. A graphical user interface enables non-IT staff to create visually engaging messages that are consistent with your organization’s branding. Signage screens can also be managed, configured and controlled from a central point, ensuring the correct content is being delivered to the right audience.

Download the ArtioSign brochure to see how ArtioSign is used across a wide range of industries.



  • ArtioSign Create graphical screen editor on AvediaServer enables creation of uniquely branded signage, tailored signage, with drag-and-drop ease
  • Easily build your signage screens using elements such as video, text, graphics and RSS feeds
  • Create your own signage designs or choose from a selection of templates to get you started


  • The ArtioSign Control app on AvediaServer lets you review and manage individual and groups of ScreenLists
  • Update Signage on the move – change what is being displayed on screen using an Apple of Android tablet
  • Create groups of displays and quickly assign ScreenLists  to individual or groups of devices, with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Schedule a variety of content to be displayed at different times of the day, week or month to target your message to the right audience at the right time


  • ArtioSign display enables you to turn any connected display into a digital signage delivery point. Publish content to a single end point or a network of screens
  • Every AvediaPlayer receiver comes with ArtioSign built in as standard: gain instant access to the digital signage functionality with simple license-based activation
  • Low power consumption and Power over Ethernet support makes ArtioSign an economical choice for digital signage compared to a traditional PC-based system.
  • Maximise revenues by incorporating advertising into signage and display in targeted locations at optimal times
  • Communicate important or urgent messages quickly to a wide audience by overriding the displayed signage


RTS has recently installed a digital signage solution into a UK Premiership football club. The signage solution from BrightSign has been rolled out into key areas displaying customised content designed for the football club by RTS.

The BrightSign digital signage can be scheduled and controlled via a web browser allowing the content to be updated and refreshed quickly and easily through prepared templates without having any knowledge of content creation or programming.

Customers have the ability to push content out to the players themselves through easy to use software or have content pushed from a centralised portal.


XD232 Networked Interactive Player


BrightSign XD232 is updated with state-of-the-art technology including PoE+ and an advanced video decoding engine with superior scaling technology capable of decoding two 1080p60 videos simultaneously, while delivering accelerated JPEG decompression with instant image display. Users will enjoy lightning fast HTML5 performance, as well as UDP network control for video wall synchronization, mobile device interactivity and messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices.


  • Powerful video engine capable of decoding two 1080@60p videos simultaneously
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+) to power your XD player
  • Sharp 4K upscaling of 1080p content
  • Simultaneous playback from local, networked and streaming content sources
  • Accelerated JPEG decompression for instant image display
  • Abundant content support – Full HD videos, images, audio, HTML5, streaming content, 3D content, Live Text and media feeds
  • Interactivity including GPIO and IR ports for buttons, motion sensors and more.
  • UDP controls supported via the Ethernet port for video wall synchronization, mobile device interactivity and messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices.
  • BrightWall support for video walls including mixed screen orientations and unusual display shapes
  • Supports IP streaming of Full HD video, MJPEG and audio streams and even serves video streams from local storage
  • BrightSign App compatible for user variable updates and UDP command interactivity
  • Built-in networking to update and manage your signage remotely
  • Remote snapshot to view an image of your signage playback via BrightSign App or BrightSign Network
  • Effortless presentation creation with included BrightAuthor software
  • Internal micro SD card slot for secure content storage and playback
  • Locking power connector ensures accidents don’t happen
  • Low power consumption keeps operating costs down
  • Highly reliable solid-state platform and a slim OS – no PC down time

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Digital Signage

Digital signage brings the opportunity to deliver information and advertising in a dynamic multimedia format. It’s eye-catching, engaging and offers superior return on investment when compared to traditional printed signs.


The retail sector is by far the biggest single vertical market for digital signage. Retailers use digital signage for sales, marketing and branding purposes. Dynamic images for advertising are far more attractive than paper posters and offer greater flexibility for a given space. With digital signage, it is possible to show a broad range of different adverts on the same display while managing and monitoring content remotely. Many retailers already employ digital signage solutions on a global basis because it is quick, efficient and affordable.

Public Display

Post offices, doctor’s surgeries and hospitals are just a few public places that are often visited by a large number of people. Digital signage is an infotainment technology and customers can be informed about important facts or they can entertained whilst they wait to be served.

Corporate Communication

Digital signage is an excellent tool for communication. In the workplace, it is used to inform and educate staff on health and safety, upcoming events and messages from management. For visitors it enforces an organisation’s brand identity, entertains visitors in reception and shows the way to meeting rooms.

Public Transport

Railway and bus stations are visited by large numbers of people every day and digital signage can keep passengers updated before, during and after their journey. Instead of a single inconspicuous paper poster with just one message, digital signage can be used to show numerous messages on multiple displays. Pictures, text and videos – anything is possible to help make information clear and visible. And using a combination of indoor and outdoor displays, will help the message reach its intended audience regardless of the location.


A bank is an institution that offers a broad range of products and services. As a result, it can be a challenge to keep customers informed about the various banking products and services. Digital media is the ideal solution to show the latest information as quickly as possible.


Airports are crowded and hectic places where people constantly arrive and depart. Airport solutions are the perfect medium to provide passengers with real time travel information and guidance. Signage in airports is one of the oldest and best known applications for digital media. It shows passengers a mixture of sales promotions, video clips, movies, luggage information and flight details.

Leisure and Hospitality

Pubs, clubs, gyms and restaurants are all environments that benefit from digital signage. Through advertising campaigns and displaying the latest offers – digital signage can offer a good return on investment through increased sales and customer retention. Hotels and convention centres have also recognised the need to incorporate digital signage into their facilities. Effective digital signage can inform people on the spot and serve as a virtual concierge to keep tourists informed about their holiday resort, give directions, display schedules for activities and even advertise hotel amenities such as restaurants and spas.


Digital signage enables educational facilities to communicate with students, staff and visitors with Conference, Lecture Theatre and Exam times. In primary and secondary education, digital signage can be used to demonstrate class work or school outings. For further and higher education it becomes a tool to sell the benefits of the establishment to prospective students as well as entertaining and informing existing students with campus activities, union messages and campaigns.

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