Met Police begin body-worn video camera pilot
0207 735 2020

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London’s Metropolitan Police officers are to trial the use of body-worn video cameras on their uniforms as part of a plan to boost both transparency and accelerate convictions and are designed to capture crime scene evidence.

The pilot scheme will see 500 body-worn video cameras distributed to police officers across 10 London boroughs. Firearm officers will also use them for training.

Camden is the first to start using the cameras, with further trials in Barnet, Bexley, Bromley, Brent, Croydon, Ealing, Havering, Hillingdon and Lewisham.

Video footage will be stored on file for a month unless it is needed as evidence in a case.

Trials in the use of law enforcement body-worn video cameras have shown that people are more likely to plead guilty, knowing that officers have captured the evidence on video, resulting in less costly legal trials and a more efficient criminal justice system.

If successful, it will be rolled out across Britain’s biggest police force.

RTS is a CPS approved supplier of courtroom audiovisual technology, including both temporary and permanent installation of video conferencing, networking and hardware for trials, inquests and hearings in London and around the UK.

One Digital

RTS have installed One Digital –  PACE compliant AIRLight portable interview recorders for a customer who wanted to replace a legacy analogue audio recording system.

The AIRLight portable Interview recorder is a PACE compliant digital audio recorder for evidential and disciplinary interviews.

The portable recorder can be mains or battery powered and is suitable for recording in any location. The recorder guarantees faultless, digital stereo recordings of up to eight hours on two identical CD copies.

Both copies are digitally signed preserving the integrity of the recording. The AIRLight recorder is network-ready.

AIRLight Recorder

PACE compliant

AIR Recorders have been designed specifically for evidential recording and are fully compliant with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984) and Home Office guidelines.

Integrity of the recordings

  • The integrity of every recording is protected by a 2048 bit DSA digital signature and a SHA-1 checksum
  • The AIR will only commence recording when correct blank media and fully functioning microphones are present
  • The discs cannot be forcibly or wrongly ejected

Fail-safe features: standalone and networked

  • Recordings are fully protected from the loss of power.
  • When in network mode, AIR Recorders will not record if there is an error with the network connection
  • A recording is only declared completed after the audio has been transferred to the designated server
  • Metadata relating to the recording can be stored alongside the recording on every disc
  • Multiple audio formats can be recorded on to every disc

Robust Construction

  • Light weight but robust aluminium casing withstands accidental knocks & direct spillages
  • Buttons, indicators & connectors are designed for frequent use

Network ready

  • All AIR Recorders are network-ready as standard

Network diagram for AIRLight


  • The AIR recorders are fully compatible with a number of leading transcription workflow systems


  • The systems are scalable from simple point-to-point FTP, to enterprise level

AIRLight Tailor-made customised solutions

RTS can provide fully integrated transcription workflow solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

AIRPlayer: PC-based transcription solution

The AIRPlayer Transcription Kit is specifically designed for use with AIR and AIRLight digital audio interview recorders.


Viewing of recording metadata

  • The software allows access to the job metadata providing all the relevant Interview information.

Verification of recording integrity

  • The player can verify the recorded data against the checksums stored on the recorded discs.

Advanced transcription features

  • The AIRPlayer consists of Transcription software, headset and foot-pedal providing advanced transcription facilities.

RTS have installed the AIRLight, PACE compliant, digital audio recorders into public sector organisations and hold demo equipment for customer evaluation.

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TeleEye has been at the cutting-edge of signal processing and video surveillance for over 15 years, researching, designing and developing a host of video surveillance solutions for the security market.

With a product range encompassing diverse security technologies including HD Video Recording Servers, HD IP network cameras, video recording servers, analog cameras and video management solutions, TeleEye fully integrates its products to be managed and monitored remotely over network connections.

About TeleEye

Based in Hong Kong, and with a number of worldwide offices, TeleEye’s high quality remote monitoring systems have been used for a multitude of different applications in a range of industries including retail management, banking security, property management, logistics management, construction site security and more.

TeleEye makes use of telecommunication media to allow users to visually monitor and manage their remote business anywhere, anytime. Its award-winning video recording servers and software are available for broadband Internet, LAN & mobile network applications.

Expertise in video surveillance solutions

RTS are experienced in supplying video feeds to many high profile cases and have been responsible for designing, building and installing audio visual equipment for courtrooms and court annexes. These temporary arrangements require an expertise in secure networking and data transfer, and in some cases, the annexes do not even have to be located close to the courtroom. RTS utilise a range of video surveillance solutions to show court proceedings to press overspill rooms.

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Technology in The courtroom

RTS were approached by a leading London legal firm to assist with a litigation trial which required video conferencing facilities including setting up a remote site outside the UK to allow a person to participate remotely due to travel restrictions placed on the individual.

An experienced RTS team identified a suitable venue in the remote location where they installed a temporary video conference suite, complete with recording facilities, allowing video playback of the video conference sessions, should they be required in court in London.

Hardware included a Polycom HDX8000 video codec, solid state video recording and playback, external sound re-enforcement, external microphones and additional lighting to ensure the remote location could be seen and heard clearly by the London court room.

The trial lasted several weeks and without the technology, it is unlikely that the litigation could have proceeded at all.

Legal experience

RTS are experienced in supplying technical support for criminal and civil cases, inquests and public inquiries for over a decade and have been responsible for installing and operating equipment in some of the largest cases in the UK, most recently The Leveson Inquiry, where RTS designed, installed and operated all the Inquiry audio-visual equipment including providing television feeds to broadcasters and web streaming proceedings live on the Internet.

RTS have assisted many trials where travel restrictions have been an issue, including as far back as 2005 for the Roman Polanski v Vanity Fair libel trial where Mr Polanski testified via video-link from Paris due to the film director fearing arrest if travelling to the UK.

The evolving use of technology in criminal and civil law will increase over the coming years, which will assist in cutting costs, reducing court time, and help to make the whole judicial process more efficient.

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RTS were approached by staff at Southwark Coroner’s office to provide, install and operate all audio visual and video conferencing solutions for the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest. Including all special measures (witness anonymity) for statements via video conferencing link.

RTS were responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the audiovisual and  information technology video and data infrastructure within the purpose built temporary court room and the integration onto the local networking infrastructure at the Surrey Oval in central London.

Installation and operation of a simultaneous interpretation infra-red system allowing the de Menezes family to hear the proceedings in their native language.

PTZ ceiling mounted cameras were installed into the courtroom allowing live video and audio to be streamed to the media overspill annexe located separately on the far side of the Surrey Oval over an IPTV video link.

Facial pixelation and blocking techniques were integrated into the video system, masking the identity of the witnesses from the public and press areas.

The inquest lasted approximately 14 weeks.

On completion of the Inquest, the Coroner’s staff said: “RTS Communications provided a professional service from start to finish, offering pro-active solutions to issues which were outside their original remit. Staff were always on hand and without their support, sometimes providing items at really short notice, the inquest would not have progressed as smoothly as it did.”

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RTS have a proven track record in delivering audio visual services and support to inquests and public inquiries as far back as 2004 with the Hutton Inquiry. RTS were approached to duplicate the services for the Inquest into the Death of Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed.

A team of engineers liaised closely with the Inquiry team and installed both the hardware and the infrastructure to support live video and audio from court 73 down to the press annexe at the RCJ, Royal Courts of Justice, allowing press and public to watch in real-time the events from the inquiry room. A bank of 50 inch plasma screens allowed video and electronic evidence as well as a live transcription feed to be viewed from the media annexe.

RTS engineers operated the equipment from an onsite control room, allowing remote control of live cameras as well as operating video conferencing equipment allowing witnesses to give evidence from around the world.

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RTS have been awarded a sole supplier contract by the Crown Prosecution Service to provide HD video equipment to the CPS training department based in York, UK.

Against stiff opposition from other audiovisual suppliers, RTS were the successful organisation chosen to deliver high definition cameras and DVD recorders to training sessions across the United Kingdom over the next 12 months.

The Leveson inquiry into the ‘culture, practices and ethics of the press’ heard from 650 witnesses who testified in person or in writing, generating 6,000 pages of evidence in more than eight months of hearings.

With their history of successfully installing and operating AV equipment for numerous high profile inquiries, RTS were approached to design, install and operate an audiovisual system for the Leveson Inquiry.

The Leveson Inquiry © BSKYB, BBC, ITN

The inquiry was set up in court 73 of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, with a press and public annexe in a temporary structure located in an outside courtyard.

RTS were asked to design:

  • An audiovisual system with full video conferencing capability for the main hearing room
  • Endpoint facilities for both UK and overseas witness video conferencing links
  • Audio and video feed to the press and public overspill annexe
  • High definition video link for national and international broadcast
  • Live web-stream with on-demand content for the inquiry website
  • Witness identity protection (special measures)

RTS engineers installed and operated networked HD PTZ cameras and microphones, and provided a mixed audio and High Definition SDI video feed to the world’s media for broadcast.

The RTS CDN (Content Delivery Network), served over 2 million video requests for live streams and pre-recorded videos of previous hearings totalling almost 216 TB of data transferred for the duration of the inquiry.

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