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Exterity IPTV is Green AV

Today “green” is the buzz word across industries and an important factor to consider for any decision maker. Is it sustainable? Is it efficient? Whether it is a financial, human, time or environmental resource saving you are after, Exterity IPTV delivers a benefit in each area.

Power & Materials

An Exterity IPTV head-end can offer lower power consumption figures than a PC-based solution. Exterity’s module and chassis based IPTV products use only a fraction of the 300-400 watts required by a less reliable PC-based head-end solution, while still delivering the same functionality.

When it comes to the user end, the fact that AV content can be played on existing client PC’s by using the Exterity client software saves resources. There is no need to invest in additional viewing screens or TVs for the AV content, nor the need to power up these separate units.

Exterity set-top boxes support Power over Ethernet (PoE), so there is no need for additional power points, which allows a further saving on both cabling and power consumption.

When it comes to cabling materials there is a significant saving to be made by using an IPTV solution instead of installing a separate co-ax cable network, which in extreme cases can mean almost double the cable required, consuming increasingly rare and expensive materials such as copper and polycarbonate plastics, and by extension oil.

As Exterity IPTV set-top boxes can be controlled over the IP infrastructure they can be configured to automatically turn on/off, as well as any connected TV sets by various methods including serial control. This further reduces power consumption dramatically as they need only be on during business working hours if required.


An IPTV installation can be financially more efficient than a co-axial cable based solution, as it uses the existing IP network infrastructure.

This means you can avoid the cost and interruption of installing new or additional co-axial cabling, whilst labour costs are also kept to a minimum by utilising the existing IP network.

An IPTV system is also scalable, so it can grow in line with a business without a major financial commitment up front.


A building IPTV installation capitalises on the organisation’s existing bandwidth. Bandwidth – potentially a very costly resource – is necessary to receive data to and from the rest of the world.

However, because building IPTV is operating within your LAN, Campus or IP network it utilises the almost limitless capacity here via multicast technology to distribute TV and Video in both SD and HD to a limitless number of users.

For example – if 1000 employees logged on to watch BBC News using the BBC iPlayer simultaneously this would put a strain on the costly external bandwidth, whereas 1000 employees viewing BBC News on a building IPTV solution would not make any difference as they would be viewing via the LAN network.

Reliability & Maintenance

An IPTV installation is very robust with minimal maintenance costs versus PC-based solutions where the PC can potentially fail and need time and skilled labour to repair.A module based solution such as Exterity’s only requires a chassis – which often come with redundant power supply for back up. The modules are also configured to be hot- swapped should the system need upgrading or modifying.


An IPTV installation offers cooler operation due to the lower power consumption. This means less need for air-conditioning in the server racks – something which is becoming increasingly important within server rooms and data centres alike. Less equipment also means less rack space usage.

For example, distributing the same number of TV channels by using TV gateways requires less IPTV devices and less power than if using other traditional distribution methods


An IPTV installation has less impact on the environment as the module and chassis- based IPTV products use fewer hard-to-recycle materials than PC-based solutions.

Exterity is WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant and customers may return obsolete and retired Exterity products for recycling. Desk/rack mountable for discreet, convenient deployment.

Exterity units are manufactured in Europe, reducing the environmental impact of shipping, whilst maintaining the highest possible reliability standards

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