Court and judicial audiovisual
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Court and judicial audiovisual

With RTS you can rely on a CPS approved supplier of courtroom audiovisual technology, including both temporary and permanent installation of video conferencing, networking and hardware for trials, inquests and hearings in London and around the UK.

Our experience

RTS regularly install and facilitate audiovisual equipment, video conferencing and streaming video services for both criminal and litigation trials in the UK and supply video conference services for overseas witnesses.

All our fully trained staff hold a current Security Clearance and we never use sub-contractors for operational and security reasons.

Previously, we have set up and operated all of the audiovisual technology for:

  • The Leveson Inquiry
  • The Office Of Fair Trading High Street Bank Hearings
  • The 7/7 London Bombings Trials
  • The Baha Mousa Public Inquiry
  • The Jean Charles De Menezes Coroners Inquest
  • Inquest into the death of Diana Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed
  • The Charlene Ellis and Laticia Shakespeare Murder Trial
  • The Hutton Inquiry
  • The Damilola Taylor Murder Trial
  • The Southall Rail Crash Inquiry
  • The BSE Inquiry
  • The Pinochet Hearing

For the Inquest into the death of Diana Princess of Wales, we facilitated video conferencing for witnesses across Europe and internationally, with 75 witnesses based in France, while others gave evidence from Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil and the USA.

Electronic preparation and presentation of evidence

Electronic Preparation and Presentation of Evidence (EPPE) in court involves cataloguing and preparing materials in a format that can be presented easily to the judge or jury. These materials can include documents, photographs, video (CCTV, mobile videos), audio, maps and graphics or other expert evidence.

Some of the cases we have worked with involved testimony and evidence that required appropriate technological enhancements to protect the identity of a witness (pixelation and voice distortion), moving image enhancements (for example circling a suspect in a video), and utilisation of virtual tour imagery.

RTS can also supply on site audiovisual hardware training for legal teams, court staff or police officers who are required to operate their own Electronic Preparation and Presentation of Evidence packages.

Read our EPPE Case Studies:

High definition video conferencing for the courtroom

We provide and manage HD video conferencing installations on a permanent or temporary basis for courtrooms and judicial inquests where witnesses cannot be present. In one case, we installed a video conference link into a medical facility where the defendant was sentenced from his hospital bed.

Witness protection and anonymity

In cases where vulnerable witnesses require special measures to protect their identity, we provide specialised technology such as voice distortion to change the person’s voice beyond recognition while maintaining audio clarity, facial pixelation to obscure the facial features and the head area, and witness blocking to ensures that no matter which camera is used, the anonymity of the witness is preserved.

Hear a sample of voice distortion: 

1. Voice Distortion Demo     

Rapid audio and video conversion

We offer a confidential in-house CCTV, video and audio conversion service to ensure the complete security and integrity of our clients’ data. By taking video or audio in any format, we can convert it into a digital format that will play on computers or other equipment in the best possible quality, eliminating the need for multiple format players.

Press overspill facilities

Our experience in many high profile cases has involved designing, building and installing audio visual equipment for courtrooms and court annexes. These temporary arrangements require an expertise in secure networking and data transfer, and in some cases, the annexes do not even have to be located close to the courtroom.

Interpretation services and audio systems

Many cases require discreet, but effective interpretation of the courtroom proceedings and this can often be vital to a smooth trial. Through our experience in multi-language audio services, we can provide interpretation equipment and installation that is small enough to fit in the courtroom, yet allows individuals to hear the proceedings clearly through an interpreter, greatly reducing the duration of trials.

RTS have installed PACE compliant digital recorders for witness evidence. Click here for details

Web streaming and video feeds

RTS offer live web streaming as part of our work for public inquiries. We manage the streaming service from our own systems for security and performance reasons as traditional web hosting cannot meet the demands of video streamed over the web.

Contact us for a confidential discussion of your AV requirements for a trial. Send a message online or call us on 0844 800 6440.
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